Jordan is only 21 years old yet he has hosted an international film festival, directed many short films, started his own production company, edited a commercial for Jonathan Bush (the former president’s brother) as well as many others, and has produced some really funny youtube videos. On the side he graduated high school like everyone else. Born and raised in South Florida, Jordan has gotten used to the heat of life and has learned to handle the pressure of balancing many projects and passions. Currently getting a degree in business along with publishing his own book, he’s eager to see where life will take him.



As a member of the DGA and someone who has spent nearly 25 years in advertising working with many of the world’s biggest brands, I’m proud to call Jordan my peer and in many technical respects, my superior. That might be hard for someone with my professional history, but Jordan makes it easy by consistently surpassing all expectations. He’s really that good.

You can see it in his attention to detail, his knowledge of his craft and his ability to stay current. You also see it in the seamless way he toggles between thinking creatively and thinking practically – always budget conscious and always willing to go above and beyond. It’s clear that Jordan has an incredible eye for composition and views his subject matter with insight, wit and wisdom.

Yet what may be even more impressive is the professional way Jordan conducts himself on every project. His work style is ego-free and drama free – leaving room for the important things, like ideas, strategy, creative collaboration and simply doing the best job possible. I would hire Jordan to direct, shoot and/or edit. I would hire Jordan just to hear what Jordan has to say about any given project.

Greatness awaits for this very impressive young man. Grab him.
— ARI MERKIN - Ari Merkin LLC Creative Director / Director |

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